In 1984, Peg founded the award-winning magazine, Confetti, a graphic arts publication for designers, illustrators, and photographers. That same year, Confetti was nominated for seven Maggie Awards and won "Best New Magazine-Trade" and "Best Design-Trade." This was just the beginning. During Peg's time as editor-in-chief of this publication, it won more than thirty awards for writing, design, and production excellence. In successive years, it continued to win numerous Maggie awards. Additionally, its achievements included many prestigious national awards, among them Ozzies, Golden Ink Awards, and more.

As editor-in-chief, Peg directed the content of the magazine, led the creative team, and wrote articles. She was also vice president and chief operating officer of Randal Publishing, owners of Confetti. The publication reflected Peg's knowledge and love of publishing and print communications.

Type Rules
Type designer Dennis Ortiz-Lopez holds out for legibility in the anything goes world of type design

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