Peg Carmack Short was previously the editor of Romantic Homes, a magazine that taught and inspired women how to create a beautiful and comfortable home that was both a warm, welcoming place for family and friends and a quiet haven from the pressures of daily living.

As editor, Peg directed the content of the magazine, led the creative team, and wrote articles. The publication reflected Peg's own personal philosophy, style of decorating, and knowledge and love of home decor, antiques and collectibles, entertaining, and gardening.


A Bedtime Story
The welcoming garden of farmer McGregor once beckoned a young Peter Rabbit to come out and play. Today, scenes from this favorite story call a little girl to dreamland. Find out how a mother created for her daughter the room she dreamed of when she was growing up.

Flirty '40s Dinnerware
Capturing the lighter side of a stressful era, Moderntone Platonite attracts collectors with its rainbow hues and playful shapes. Discover the history of this delightful 1940s collectible and find out why it remains as popular today as it was in its heyday.

Small, but Splashy
Like an oasis in a desert, an Illinois garden showers the yard of a modest home with bursts of brilliant color. Learn how you can make the most of your space.

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