"Wherever we go he uses us to tell others about the Lord and to spread the Good News like a sweet perfume." (2 Corinthians 2:14)

For years I have had a favorite perfume, Shalimar. It is the only perfume that I wear and I have used it so long that my children and husband identify it as "my scent." Once while in Paris, 1 visited the perfume manufacturer and was told 1 must love "vanilla," which is the main ingredient in my perfume. I was surprised to discover that I'd been allowing my husband to spend $65 on a bottle of perfume, when I could have just splashed a little vanilla behind my ears! Though somehow 1 suspect this might not do the trick. Part of the special fragrance of this perfume is derived from knowing just what to combine with the vanilla and in what amounts to create a scent that is delicately sweet and spicy, but not cloying or saccharine.

That others seem to enjoy this scent, too, pleases me. I like it when someone tells me they love my perfume and ask what it is that I'm wearing. I enjoy sharing the name of the perfume and having them say, "I love that. I want to try some for myself."

As one who is comforted, joyful, and rests peacefully in God's love, I like to think that I wear the evidence of His blessings like a sweet perfume. And just as the perfume manufacturer knew/just what amount and combinations made the scent just right, I follow the leadership of the Holy Spirit to know just what words to say and when to say them. I want my life and my words to leave behind a fragrance that others can't help but notice. 1 hope they will ask what it is I'm wearing, so I may share God's name with a lost and hurting world. When I walk away, I pray they will say, "I love that and want to try some for myself." "

This week as you mingle with those around you, pray that you will wear the fragrance of God's love and live out his words so beautifully that others will want to come to know Him, too.

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