Participants Say:
I attended your seminar "Think Like an Editor, Sell Like a Pro" at the Glorietta Christian Writers Conference. You touched my heart in this seminar through your sweet spirit and gentle approach to professionalism and writing. God spoke through you and touched my heart when you read the Scriptures at the beginning. I wanted to let you know how much your time and effort in that seminar have encouraged me. I have read and reread the John 15 passage you read to us and it has really given me a higher calling - to encourage others to bear fruit- fruit that will last.
Stephanie, Riverside, CA

"Thank you for giving so much of yourself at our retreat! Time and time again since returning home people have said how much they enjoyed you being there, how they loved talking with you, and how they benefited from your leadership. Thank you! Evaluations indicated that you were one of the highlights of the retreat. Thank you for an excellent breakout conference! The handout is superb! I'll use it often to reference as I write or as I help others to write. Could not have been better! Thank you for allowing God to use you!"
Joyce, Louisville, KY


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Peg will customize a keynote presentation for your organization or you may choose one of the topics below. She also provides workshops and seminars.

Creating the traditions, rituals, and celebrations that help build strong families An inspirational and heartwarming presentation that focuses on the attributes of a Christian home. Audiences will discover how to create a home that is not really a place, but a value system developed inside a family that they take them with them wherever they go. Using nostalgic stories combined with practical ideas, audiences will be motivated to develop the traditions and rituals that can make even ordinary days celebrations. Applying these principles will help them build stronger families.

A STILL LIFE, A Busy Woman's Guide to
Creating Quiet Spaces for Your Home & Heart

Women today are busier and more stressed than ever trying to meet the demands of home, work, and the many other calls on their life. They are so busy rushing through life that they have no time to really delight in simple pleasures or take time to cherish those who mean the most to them-their families. This presentation will speak to ways that women can renew their soul and carve out quiet time with her family and friends, and it will show them how to rest in the peaceful presence of God's love.

A JOURNEY OF THE HEART, Hearing God Speak in the Everyday Moments
As women, wives, and mothers, we are often so busy doing things for our families and things for God that we often find ourselves too stressed out and exhausted to really listen to Him. Journaling is a way to slow down, meditate, and hear God speak to us through the everyday moments of daily living. It's a way of living life a second time. As we write, we are able to reflect, understand, and explore the plans God has for us and the meaning and purpose of our lives. And in that silent place with Him, we can learn to rejoice in both our struggles and our blessings. This presentation will help audiences learn how they can develop a journal habit and set out on "A Journey of the Heart."

Peg teaches and speaks for writer's conferences. Additionally she teaches and provides on-line workshops and critiques.

THIS IS YOUR LIFE, Writing Memoir so Someone Else Cares
How does a memoir or essay move from being a personal story to offering a universal message? Learn how to craft a memoir that will speak to the hearts of others. Workshop will examine the work of writers who excel at this genre and offer ideas for finding inspirational story topics.

Most magazines have more potential writers than they can use, so how does your idea get published? Even if you are a beginner, you can learn to approach editors like a pro. Practical advice will teach you to think like an editor and develop ideas that sell. Discover the dos and don'ts of successful writers and secrets that make editors want to work with you again and again? Resources to find markets for your work also presented.

REAL LIFE DRAMA, Writing Human Interest Stories
One of the most compelling magazine stories is the true-life drama. This type of story is in great demand and they are an easier sell to a publication. Where do you find these stories? What type of content makes a good human-interest story? How do you craft it? What details are essential to your story?

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